What is ViRR?

Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht The Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht (ViRR) is a digital collection and cooperative working environment for various legal artefacts of the period of the Holy Roman Empire, based on the infrastructure of eSciDoc. The basis of ViRR is a collection of 42 digitized works (more than 16 000 pictures), which can be structurally marked up via an editing interface. Further on, it is planned to extend the collection successively by the integration of transcriptions and additional external sources (e.g. lexical tools).

Main Functionalities

For an overview about all current ViRR functionalities click here.

  • Example: Browse Collection

Browse collection

  • Example: Online editing interface for privileged users to gather structural metadata about the digitized works

Editing interface

  • Example: Detailed view of single pages with further navigation functionalities

Detailed view of a work

Contact ViRR

Friederike Kleinfercher

Max Planck Digital Library


Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, Frankfurt, Germany

The project is coordinated by Dr. Sigrid Amedick, head of the institute’s library. The basic start content of 15 digitized works, i.e. the physical as well as the digitized artefacts belong to the holdings of the institute.

More Information

  • can be found at our MPDL CoLaboratory, a wiki platform for sharing information, knowledge and experiences in the context of eScience and information management: CoLab pages for ViRR. These pages also contain the functional specification.
  • Live demonstration of ViRR

ViRR Support

If you have a question about ViRR or need help working with ViRR, feel free to contact the ViRR Support Team

You are deploying ViRR on your own and have a technical question? Please join the Developer Community by subscribing to our eSciDoc Developer Mailing List or/and writing a technical support mail our Developer Team