What is PubMan?

PubMan supports research organizations in the management, dissemination and re-use of publications and supplementary material. It can be used out-of-the-box within the eSciDoc infrastructure. Being open source, it will be customized and extended for institutional- and discipline-specific needs.

PubMan Item List

Main Functionalities

For an overview about all current PubMan functionalities, click here.

  • Easy Submission: Alternatively to a complete submission mask, users may choose a wizard-based, short entry mask to provide the minimum bibliographic data of a publication.

PubMan Easy Submission

  • In addition, the user can choose to import metadata and full text from arXiv or PubMed Central or upload a BibTeX reference to pre-fill the edit mask.

PubMan Import

  • Quick Search and Advanced Search in metadata and full texts

Quick Search on PubMan

Advanced Search on PubMan

  • Browsing by organizational units
  • Medium and Short Display in item list
  • Detailed Display in single item view

Detailed Display in single item view

  • Export to various citation styles (BibTeX, EndNote, APA, AJP) and formats (rtf, pdf, html, odt), incl. "send by e-mail"

Export citation styles

Export formats

  • Re-Use of data for local webpages by querying Search & Export Interface (REST)
  • Basic statistics for publication data (metadata and/or attached full texts)
  • Validation of metadata based on configurable rules
  • Two alternative workflows (Simple Publication Workflow & Extended Publication Workflow
  • Autosuggest for journals and languages based on Service for Control of Named Entities
  • Modification of metadata after their release, with complete version history
  • Tracking of revisions by relating intellectually revised full text versions

Upcoming Functionalities

  • support of controlled vocabulary (journals, person IDs and names)
  • import of EndNote references
  • Researcher Portfolio based on person ID
  • document-type specific submission

PubMan Community

Early Adopter and Pilot Institutes from the Max Planck Society are closely involved into the software development lifecycle of PubMan. Furthermore by developing discipline-specific extensions PubMan is able to respond to special requirements of various science fields.

Early Adopters


Discipline-specific extensions

  • Linguistic Literature - a cooperative project which delivers personalized collections within the linguistic genre and enables access to it and referencing parts of fulltexts.
  • Jus CMS - an extension of PubMan which requires discipline-specific aspects of data entry, depending on discipline-specific metadata and content types, as well as configurable citation styles based on juristic standards.
  • Within the §137-L Project PubMan is used for long-term-archiving of publications between 1966 and 1994, for which the authors have granted "merge right" to the MPDL.
  • Furthermore PubMan is used to store the retro-digitized Reinhold von Sengbusch Collection and Zeitschrift für Naturforschung.
  • At the National Institute for Material Sciences (NIMS), Japan PubMan is applied in the administration of researcher portfolios (Author ID), statistics and internationalization.

These communities represent the variety of scientific fields within the MPS and the different interest groups (scientists, librarians, local IT) for managing publications.

More Information

PubMan Support

If you have a question about PubMan or need help working with PubMan, feel free to contact the PubMan Support Team

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