JSPWiki Adapter

The JSPWiki adapter allows you to use eSciDoc as backend for JSPWiki. All Wiki pages and attachments will be stored in eSciDoc. A login module is included which uses the eSciDoc rights management for authentication and authorization.


Java JDK 6, Ant 1.6 and Tomcat 5 are needed to run the application. Newer versions should work, too. At the moment it is not possible to deploy JSPWiki into JBoss because of restrictions in the usage of a logging component in JSPWiki.

Basic Installation

  • First unzip the Zip archive.
  • Then adapt the file "build.properties". A valid context and content model are needed to run the adapter.
  • Run "ant" from the command line. This will create a JSPWiki.war file with your settings included.
  • Copy JSPWiki.war into Tomcat's webapps directory and follow the installations instructions from JSPWiki.


Start your web browser and open the JSPWiki start page by calling

http://<tomcat url>/JSPWiki/

Now you should be able to login with any of the user accounts from eSciDoc.

If you encounter problems please look into the log file from JSPWiki (defaults to "/tmp/jspwiki.log").