Installation of eSciDoc Infrastructure 1.3

Supported Operating Systems

Officially SupportedTestedKnown to work
Windows XP
SUSE Linux
Solaris 10Mac OS X
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Other operating systems might work, but we have no expericence yet.

Prerequisites for the Installation

The eSciDoc infrastructure is a Java application that runs in an J2EE application server. You need to install and configure a runtime environment first before you can actually deploy the infrastructure.
  1. Java
  2. PostgreSQL


There are two ways to install eSciDoc Infrastructure:
Installer (strongly recommended) Manually
To make the installation process as simple as
possible, we provide an installer which you can
run in with a graphical user interface mode or

As soon as you have a current Sun Java JDK
and a running PostgreSQL database instance
on your machine, you can download the installer
and run it by either double-click the file or
invoking it in a command shell:

java -jar escidoc-core-1.3.9-installer.jar

Important Note: Please remember to start the
PostgreSQL database server before running
the installer!
The installer will install the JBoss Application
Server, Fedora, and the eSciDoc Infrastructure.
Additionally, it will configure the system and
create a first set of users accounts.
The hard way instructions

* Ant
* JBoss Application Server
* Fedora
* Configure Infrastructure
* Deploy eSciDoc

First steps with running infrastructure

The next steps would be to work with the infrastructure. You can either ingest your data or some examples for the first tests.

Configuration of different Login-providers

Infrastructure behind a Reverse Proxy

  • Note: Login-Mechanism does several redirects. In order to resolve infrastructure-urls correctly, ReverseProxy has to transmit originally called host to infrastructure. Eg for Apache, set "ProxyPreserveHost on" in ProxyPass-Entry.


Upgrade from an earlier release

If you upgrade from an earlier release, you will need to upgrade from one release to the next higher release step by step (see next section). There is no possibility to do this in one step.

It's further more important that you can only use the eSciDoc installer to upgrade if the existing installation was done via installer. An upgrade of manually installation is not possible with the installer.

Upgrade from an 1.3.x release

If you upgrade from an 1.3.x release, please read the upgrade instructions.

Upgrade from an 1.2.x release

If you upgrade from an 1.2.x release, please read the upgrade instructions.

Upgrade from an 1.1.x release

If you upgrade from an 1.1.x release, please read the upgrade instructions.

Upgrade from an 1.0.x release

If you upgrade from an 1.0.x release, please read the upgrade instructions.

Build eSciDoc from Source

If you want to build the eSciDoc framework from source, please take a look at building and deploying the eSciDoc infrastructure from the source code distribution tutorial.