The eSciDoc Infrastructure form a middleware for e-Research applications. It encapsulates a repository (Fedora Commons) and implements a broad range of commonly used functionalities. The service-oriented architecture fosters the creation of autonomous services, which can be re-used independently from the rest of the eSciDoc Infrastructure. The multi-disciplinary nature of the existing Applications built on top of the eSciDoc Infrastructure ensure the coverage of a broad range of generic and discipline-specific requirements.

The eSciDoc Infrastructure is an "enabling technology": Scholars and Scientists can focus on domain-specific application logic when building new applications. The services of the infrastructure provide them with an existing and proven implementation of common functionality, thus ensuring interoperability and compliance with important standards. Additionally, the eSciDoc Infrastructure can be deployed and maintained by a dedicated unit for the operation of a production environment, e.g., a data center. In such a scenario, researchers do not need to care about managing the production services, but can rather concentrate on their scientific and scholarly work.

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