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The eSciDoc software is not a single package to download, but a set of services and solutions (applications) from which you can select the ones you are interested in.

Basically, the eSciDoc software stack falls into three categories:

* [Applications]\\Applications[Solutions]\\Solutions>> are the end-user applications for researchers and librarians
* <<[Services]\\aggregate[Services]\\Intermediate>> <<and applications services aggregate >>functionality provided by the <<Core >>services <<of the eSciDoc Infrastructure >>and offer higher-level and more <<application-orientedsolution-centric>> functionality
* <<[Infrastructure]\\services[Core>> <<Services|Infrastructure]\\Core services (or "eSciDoc Infrastructure") >>provide the basic and common functionality and is a prerequisite for all <<eSciDocsolutions>> <<Applications >>and most <<eSciDocintermediate>> <<Servicesand application services>>

The three categories are not layers of a software architecture in a strict way. <<ApplicationsSolutions>> can invoke methods provided by <<thecore>> <<eSciDocservices,>> <<Infrastructure, >>thus bypassing the <<application and >>intermediate <<eSciDocservices. <<Services.