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!! Installation
We are aware that the current installation process is cumbersome and difficult. We are working on an improved installation experience. Meanwhile, you may ask for help via the [eSciDoc Infrastructure Users|http://www.escidoc.org/mailman/listinfo/infrastructure-user] mailing list. However, eSciDoc is an open-source project, so please understand that we have limited resources for support. If you are interested in professional support, please read our [Support] page.

The following pages provide installation information for most eSciDoc software components:

* Applications
** [Publication Management|http://escidoc1.escidoc.mpg.de/projects/pubman/get_pubman/download.html]
** [ViRR|http://escidoc1.escidoc.mpg.de/projects/virr/]
** [FACES|http://escidoc1.escidoc.mpg.de/projects/faces/]
** [eSciDoc Admin|http://colab.mpdl.mpg.de/mediawiki/ESciDoc_Admin#Installation.2FDeployment]
* eSciDoc Services
** [Digilib|DigilibService]
** [Duplicate Detection|DuplicateDetectionService]
** [OAI-PMH|OaiPmhService]
** [PID Manager]
* eSciDoc Infrastructure
** [Installation for Release 1.4]
** [Installation for Release
** [Installation for Release 1.2]
** [Installation for Release 1.1] (no longer supported)
** [Installation for Release 1.0] (no longer supported)