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!!eSciDoc Days

FIZ Karlsruhe and the Max Planck Digital Library organize together with the eSciDoc community once a year the eSciDoc Days, a two-day event targeted at both existing eSciDoc users and people interested in eResearch environments, publication infrastructure, research data management and scholarly collaboration.

Presentations held by eSciDoc team members and eSciDoc users from all over the world demonstrate existing eSciDoc Applications and the underlying eSciDoc Infrastructure as well as its future directions.

!Upcoming Events

!Past Events
* [eSciDoc__[eSciDoc Days 2011 Presentations|eSciDocDays2011Program] (Berlin, October 26-27, 2011)
* [eSciDoc Days 2010 Presentations|eSciDocDays2010Program] (Copenhagen, November 16-17, 2010)
* [eSciDoc Days 2009 Presentations|EscidocDays2009Programme] (Karlsruhe, June 15-16, 2009)
* [eSciDoc Days 2008 Presentations|EscidocDaysProgramme] (Berlin, June 9-10, 2008)