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!! Introduction
eSciDoc is open source software. You can download it for free. The software is available under the [Common Development and Distribution License|License].

eSciDoc requires the installation of a runtime environment with several components (database, Java SDK). In most cases, these components will already be available in your environment. In order to avoid duplication, we leave the installation of these components to you. You will have to download and install these components first, before installing any eSciDoc software. Please refer to the [installation notes|InstallationForRelease1.2] to see which components are necessary and how to install them.

Please note that all eSciDoc Applications and most eSciDoc Services require a running instance of the eSciDoc Infrastructure. It is a good idea to start with downloading, installing, and testing the eSciDoc Infrastructure first before moving on to other software components.

!! Downloads
* [eSciDoc Applications|DownloadApplications]Applications|DownloadSolutions]
* [eSciDoc Services|DownloadServices]
* [eSciDoc Infrastructure|DownloadInfrastructure]

!! More Information
* [License]
* [Support]