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eSciDoc Applications are based on the eSciDoc Infrastructure. The most prominent eSciDoc Application is probably [PubMan|Publication Management]. However, more eSciDoc Applications are available or under development:

* [PubMan|Publication Management]
* [Sengbusch Collection|http://sengbusch.blogs.mpdl.mpg.de] (integrates with [PubMan|Publication Management])
* [ViRR|VirtuellerRaumReichsrecht]
* [Faces]
* [Scholarly Workbench]
* [eSciDoc Admin Tool]
* [eSciDoc Browser]
* [eLabs[eLab Client|Elabs Client]

All eSciDoc Applications share a generic approach for design and implementation:

* Applications follow a user-centered development, by close cooperation with project partners and end users.

* Applications make the benefits of a service-oriented architecture visible to the enduser, by re-using and integrating different services to support the disciplin-specific usage scenario.

* For optimal re-use, applications have customizable workflows and graphical user interfaces (local branding)